Modhera and Patan

Posted On : 15-3-2016
Modhera and Patan

Modhera and Patan are two historical and culturally significant places located in the Indian state of Gujarat. Both these towns have rich heritage, ancient architecture, and are known for their historical monuments and cultural landmarks.

Sahastrilanga Talav

Sahastrilanga Talav is a man-made tank that was constructed by the Siddhraj Jaisingh who was the ruler of Patan in those times. The style of the tank represents the inviolability of water in Hinduism and the spirit of water management. There were around a thousand shrines around the edge of the water tank. However, there are only remnants of some shrines present. One can visualize the splendor of water simply by observing the ruins.

Khan Sarovar

Khan Sarovar is another attraction which is situated outside the South Gate. It is a water reservoir that belongs to the Solanki period with beautiful masonry and stone steps.

Rani Ka Vav

The beautiful stepwell, Rani Ka Vav exemplifies the subterraneous architecture of Gujarat. There are steps that lead you down to the water. The well is enthrallingly built with magnificent walls, platforms, steps, and pillars.

The Sun temple

Another great example of the Solanki area is The Sun temple of Modhera, located at a distance of 99 kilometers from Ahmadabad and evidently one of the most elegant examples of the grandiose architecture of Gujarat. It was constructed by the Solanki Rajput monarchs and it exhibits chiselled Torana arches that are intricately fixed on Kirti stambhas as the doorway. The exterior portion of the temple is engraved with traditionalistic amorous depictions which can be compared to Khajuraho and Konark. There is also a well garden and the temple is situated on the shore of the Pushpawati River. The Tourism Corporation of India runs a cafeteria here along with a guest house to serve the tourists who visit the place to explore the magnificence of the architecture.

Although the Sun temple is not as humongous as people who haven't seen it make it out to be, one can't help but notice the sophisticated engravings of male and female deities, men, women, and animals which are a real treasure among the architectural structures of India. This whole view pales in comparison to the marvelous rectangular step tank which is known as Surya Kund. It is a royal 100 square meter pool abounding with as many as 180 fascinating shrines.

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