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Dhaka Travel Guide
Exploring the Vibrant Capital of Bangladesh

DHAKA, the Capital of Bangladesh, founded in 1608 has an exciting history and rich cultural heritage. Built on the bank of the river Buriganga, and it is now a sprawling modern city. The total area of the city is approximately 1550 sq. km., with a population of 13 million. It was adorned with the glory of being the capital of the region when it was successively under the Mughal and British rule.

It used to be known as the city of mosques and is called the city of rickshaws. These days it looks chaotic with more vehicles on the roads and streets and building coming up, but the "chaos" is not a decadent one, it is rather solely positive. Paintings on buses and rickshaws are of people's dreams, and the city is really bustling.

It is situated on the bank of the river Buriganga. For a visitor, there awaits an amazing scene with different types of boats - uncovered and covered boats, cargo boats, speed boats, tugs, and motor launches going in every direction. Regular services by motor launches including passenger and cargo to Southern towns leave every day in the afternoon. Paddle Steamer service introduced during the colonial period is still in service to most of the towns on its route up to Khulna, is also operated from this river port. Paddle system steamer service for passenger service is obsolete nowadays in other countries. A trip by Paddle Steamer will enable a guest to enjoy the riverine beauty including the countryside of Bangladesh.