Anjuna Beach Goa - Adventure, Attractions & Water Sports

Posted On : 29-7-2019
Anjuna Beach Goa - Adventure, Attractions & Water Sports

Goa Tourism is one of the popular destinations that people want to explore once in a lifetime. You will find so many honeymooners, history lovers, and a lot more exploring this place with great enthusiasm. Goa boasts some of the finest beaches on the planet that are turquoise in colour lying beside shiny sand, which makes the backdrop amazingly beautiful. There are so many things to do in Goa, which are uncountable!

Anjuna Beach Goa is a famous beach that provides travellers with a great environment and an incredible market. This beach is the heart of foreigners, who are looking for longer stays, backpackers, hippies, and for those who are looking for cheap stays and guesthouses.

What are the major attractions and adventure activities in Anjuna Beach?

Approx. 2kms of Anjuna beach is overflowing with water activities, cafés, beach bars, coffee shops, family run-guesthouses, and yoga panorama.Approx. 2kms of Anjuna beach is overflowing with water activities, cafés, beach bars, coffee shops, family run-guesthouses, and yoga panorama.


One of the most famous activities in Anjuna beach is paragliding and jet skiing. However, water sports freak may feel disappointed as there are only a few water activities available comparatively, which you can enjoy at quite reasonable prices.


Anjuna beach is popular for rocky stones at the seaside. People step up these rocks and sip up the coffee/tea and enjoy the sunrise or sunset. You can also love taking pictures here! And for eating or drinking you can explore some of the popular cafes here, namely Café Diogo, Banyan Soul, Casa Anjuna, or Whole Bean Tofu.


This place offers some Ayurvedic massages, yoga, and Reiki, which Indians, as well as foreigner, loves to do, Oceanic and Brahmani are two popular names for these practices that you can join on a daily or weekly basis.

Shopping in Anjuna

At the famous Flea market at Anjuna, shopping lovers can purchase a variety of goods by practising bargaining. This market is a mixture of Kashmir, Gujarat, and Tibet as it holds some famous shops for the same, making it most sought after places. You can shop here for purchasing some artificial jewellery, souvenirs, funky dresses, and decorative items in the market, which is quite lively in the evening.

This market is held once in a week, which is Wednesday and on Saturdays, you can have a good time at Ingo's Saturday Night Market. Many foreigners are a part of this market, enjoying the food and hogging at various shops for shopping.

Additional Tips

We recommend you do not visit this place during the month of December and January as it’s a peak season here. Don’t involve in kind of business with the locals, just don’t entertain such people. Do take mosquito repellant with you as mosquito’s poisonous bite can spoil your vacations. Avoid late night walks on the beaches, especially if you’re a couple of alone and be in your travel group always.