Frequently Asked Questions

(1.) Upon arrival at the Airport in India

About the Weather?

The weather report can be obtained from the Local News Papers / TV Bulletins / Tele-text at the hotels. "Usually as good as one feels!"

About the population?
About the location of the hotel?
About the distance of hotel from the Airport?
Is it safe to travel in private transport (taxi/auto) and what is the payment system?

(2.) While delivering and briefing of Travel documents

Whom to give the hotel vouchers and to whom the services vouchers?
Where the guide will meet the guests?
Who will inform / brief the guests about his further program at the destination?
How much tips to be given to the porters, drivers and the guests?
Whether it is good and cheap to eat outside the hotel (restaurants)?
Any cheap option to make ISD calls?
How their return International tickets will be reconfirmed & who will do it?
If their domestic air/railway tickets for all sectors are confirmed & incase any sector is waitlisted , what alternate option we will give them?
If the drivers at all places can communicate in English and whether the same driver used on arrival transfer will be with them throughout?
What will be the standard and quality of the car/coach in the program?

(3.) While collecting the money

About the mode of payment? Credit Card, Traveler Cheque etc.
About the rate of exchange?
Can he make the payment on return to foreign agent?

(4.) During the loss of Baggage

How to go about the procedures to get the lost baggage?
Will the airline pay for the damage and temporary compensation?
How to take the claim for the damages?

(5.) In case of any complaints

Contact any of our offices / associates and we will look into the nature of complaint and advise you accordingly.

How to get the refund / any compensation?

(6.) Packing Tips

Travelling Light

Write to us for more details about travel to India at info@indiaholidaymall.com