How to Choose for the Right Travel Company for Your Tours to India

Posted On : 13-2-2020
How to Choose for the Right Travel Company for Your Tours to India

Do you dream of riding through snowy mountains or witness the colorful festivals of India? So you don't have the time to plan the trip yourself? No need to worry! Countless travel companies in India can take away all your stress. To find the best travel company in India, all you need to do is show up with a mind of curiosity and enjoyment of new experiences.

Presently, organized trips are more popular because it becomes tough to plan itineraries for an adventure trip, that too, to a remote destination.

When you're on tour to India, hiring a travel company can provide you immense benefits. But you need to be smart enough to choose the right partner as you these are your vacations and you cannot afford a mess.

Here in this article, we'll be sharing some effective ways to choose the right company:

Research the Cost

Although tour companies tremendously help to alleviate the burden at a fixed amount. Still, it's not always that you will get what you pay for. Many tour companies meet this adage "Not everything that glitters is gold", while some are really good at maximizing value for every dollar you spend. You need to ask these questions, how much of your fee is their cost? Are you paying for the best hotels but staying in two-star guesthouses? You want a company that is honest with why prices are the way they are.

Furthermore, make sure you ask if there are added fees to pay when you touch down at the destination. Many companies require you to pay extra money when the tour starts or doesn’t include park or attraction entrance fees.

Ensure that Our Travel Company is targeting an Audience like you

Does the tour operator target young people? Older couples? Families? You don’t want to end up on a loud, full of drunk twenty-year-olds when all you want is a peaceful holiday. There’s a tour operator for every genre, but ensure you don’t end up on one that isn’t yours. Most tour companies post their guest demographics on their “About Us” page, and you can regularly see from the photos of their tours while exploring their gallery.

You can also evaluate the audience of the company. If the website of the tour company talking more about hostels or guesthouses, it’s usually for backpackers and budget travelers. And if they’re describing fancy digs, it’s for older travelers and families. This is crucial to know because these are the people you’ll be traveling with.

Seek Local Guides

Tourist guides can make or break your trip. They are solely responsible for explaining everything to you and maintaining the flow of the tour going. We would suggest not to hire a non-expert, some young-kid or someone who doesn’t know the place well. Eventually, you will come across two types of guides, who will be walking encyclopedia, and some guides would be glorified timekeeper.

Make sure the company you're hiring uses expert, local guides. The guide should be a local or a long-term resident of India. This means they're well-versed with the local language, have travel experience, and know life-saving methods.

Safety Record

It is important to ensure the company understands all the proper safety requirements and is certified by the local government, the government where they are enrolled, and any other relevant trade organizations.

Have a Balanced Schedule

You’re paying tour operators thousands of dollars to fill your day with excitement and thrill. So think how they will do that? Do they have some plans for the same? Do they have a lot of activities organized, or do they leave you to your own comfort zone? Make sure you get a list of all the activities and pick a tour that is balanced. Running around like a horse will leave you wishing you never had a holiday, but you don’t want to sit free around all day, either.

Environmental Impact

Ecotourism is a growing trend among travelers. It’s a type of responsible travel, which is not only approaching the environment but also the locals in an area. This means using hotels, local guides and services, and making sure to reduce waste and your footprint on the local environment. Besides, these companies offer better and more interactive tours that also give you a great degree of freedom.

It's important to choose companies that provide great value and gives back to the place you are visiting. After all, are you traveling to ruin beautiful destinations? Doubtful! The answer is “NO” obvious, so make sure you keep the environment safe.

Group Size

Tour companies that have smaller groups are much more careful of the environment and the impact they are leaving. It’s a lot simpler to meet people in a group of 12 than it is in a group of 60. Everyone has their own choices, but having a trip with a group of 15 can be much more fascinating. Travel is all about the experience, so it's important to know what you are taking with you in terms of knowledge.

Just remember larger groups usually stay at bigger, more aloof services, eat at touristy restaurants, and travel to more destinations quicker. This could limit your fun and freedom at the same time.

Check the Company’s Reputation

Check the experiences of other travelers, how they enjoyed their time? Look for online reviews to see the company’s reputation. It's not always true what they pretend to be and it’s important to find out the truth before you book. You can even use different forums to ask what other travelers have thought.

You should also keep in mind that most people only write a review if something goes wrong. Someone might give a tour company one star just because they're in a rush. Find the average. Someone might write a hatred tour because the weather was hot. Seriously! So make sure you believe the right reviews rather than such people.